WHY ForesightDataLabs?

To enable an Organization’s vision of ‘Data driven decision making’ and evangelize the usage of enterprise information assets for operational excellence, customer insights and competitive intelligence by providing cutting edge analytical solutions using vast, complex, ‘Poly’ data structures

  • Data-Wisdom-Action
    We enable your vision of Data-driven decision making by providing cutting edge solutions using vast, complex and unstructured data available within and out of your enterprise and build Intelligent applications & Data products that can not only predict business events but also prescribe actions to give you better operational efficiency, deep customer insights and the not-so-obvious competitive intelligence.

Data Science R & D

We understand, not all companies can afford to invest in dedicated Data science Center of Excellence. Through our Data science R&D team, we partner with our clients to research and prototype Data science solutions that provide competitive edge to their business.

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Text Analytics

Unstructured Data Analytics combines text mining techniques and algorithms to extract meaningful insights from text sources. This text can come from Emails, RSS feeds, Blogs, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Facebook feeds

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Data Visualization

We live in a world of numbers, constantly buried under a deluge of data. Decision makers often find it tough to digest this’ information gluttony’ and often end up making poor decisions.

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Data Wrangling

Our Data Wrangling services will help you in the effective utilization of your Citizen (in-house) Data scientist’s time so that they can focus on doing what they do best i.e. algorithm selection and design, fitting the model and paramater tuning.

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Image & Video Analytics

Computer visoin and Artificial Intelligence problems demand mining techniques and pattern recognition algorithms to extract meaningful insights from large corpus of image and video data.

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FDL Academy

Learning and Sharing knowledge is a Passion for us.As part of our initiatives in Data Science Education, we offer job oriented certificate courses designed after decades of our experience in this field and after consulting with leaders in Academia & Industry.

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