WHY ForesightDataLabs?

To enable an Organization’s vision of ‘Data driven decision making’ and evangelize the usage of enterprise information assets for operational excellence, customer insights and competitive intelligence by providing cutting edge analytical solutions using vast, complex, ‘Poly’ data structures


Data Wrangling

‘Data scientists, according to interviews and expert estimates, spend 50 percent to 80 percent of their time in the mundane labor of collecting and preparing unruly digital data, before it can be explored for useful nuggets’
- The NY Times

Our Data Wrangling services will help you in the effective utilization of your Citizen (in-house) Data scientist’s time so that they can focus on doing what they do best i.e. algorithm design and selection, fitting the model and paramater tuning.

We provide services around the following areas in Data Wrangling: Data Extraction, Data Blending, Data Standardization, Data Cleansing, Missing Value and Outlier Data Treatment, Feature Engineering and Publishing a Exploratory Data analysis report along with the ‘Clean’ Data.

We have a proprietary data ingestion engine that can process terabytes of data at a phenomenal rate. For most of our clients, we have been able to crunch data up to 10 times faster than any of their existing data engines, giving them a tremendous advantage in extracting and integrating data sources in a short period of time. This engine has elastic scaling-out capability built into it, so it can handle large volumes of data quickly and on demand.

We have a state of the art Data integration routines and Data wrangling libraries that is available for use on day one of implementation. This routines & libraries give you instant access to exploratory data analysis capabilities on raw, big data.

We have connectors for commonly connected mediums of data extraction. This means connecting with databases & servers for strucutred and unstructured data with ease. So, instead of worrying about how to connect to different sources and prepare your data, you can concentrate on the design of machine learning algorithms and tuning them for greater accuracy.


Our data analysts and engineers are very passionate about data and are well experienced in exploratory data analysis techniques. They understand the dataset given along with the problem definition and are experts in applyting various data warangling techniques. We beleive that the accuracy of a machine learning algorithm is highly dependent on the quality of your pre-processing steps. Our engineers understand the Shape, Size,Skew, Attributes, Characteristics & Sources of raw data.


We don't beleive in the T&M pricing model when it comes to such volume of work. Our pricing model is Fixed with predictable outcomes in terms of your budget and our output. We consider only the size of the raw data set as the only criteria for our pricing claculations.


We bring our open source data wrangling tools,Infrastructure, expertise, and processes . We use our 7-step Data wrangling process to pre-process the data before modelling and publish the clean data along with a EDA report to the Data scientist