WHY ForesightDataLabs?

To enable an Organization’s vision of ‘Data driven decision making’ and evangelize the usage of enterprise information assets for operational excellence, customer insights and competitive intelligence by providing cutting edge analytical solutions using vast, complex, ‘Poly’ data structures


Data Science Research & Development

We understand, not all companies can afford to invest in dedicated Data science Center of Excellence. Through our Data science R&D team, we partner with our clients to research and prototype Data science solutions that provide competitive edge to their business.

We provide Technology research and Prototyping services around the areas of Text Mining and Analytics, Image , Audio & Video Analytics , AOT (Analytics of Things) from your IOT Infrastructure, Scalable Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Advanced Data Visualization.

As a service provider for advanced data science, research and algorithmic thinking is in our DNA. "Can we do better?" is something that resonates in our R&D labs multiple times a day. Whether its about reducing operational cost of a process through automation or inventing new technology to optimize how things are done today.

We also help startups and businesses break new ground through Data science solutions. Our team knows how to exploit the combination of Big Data, Machine Learning and Visualization technologies to demonstrate amazing things with your raw data. Throw us a challenge, give us 4 weeks and prepare to be delighted.


Our Data Scientists group is a collection of extremely talented engineers & mathematicians who never run out of options for yet another way to solve the problem, only better.


All our Data science research engagements are incentivized on solution. A big part of our payment is linked to coming up with a solution that produces the desired results.


Our research labs are industry focused and every research project has pre-agreed timeline. Typically, we come up with a solution within 4-6 weeks of starting an assignment.