WHY ForesightDataLabs?

To enable an Organization’s vision of ‘Data driven decision making’ and evangelize the usage of enterprise information assets for operational excellence, customer insights and competitive intelligence by providing cutting edge analytical solutions using vast, complex, ‘Poly’ data structures


Image & Video Mining and Analytics

Computer visioin and Artificial Intelligence problems demand mining techniques and pattern recognition algorithms to extract meaningful insights from large corpus of image and video data. This data can come from many differnt sources ranging from security cameras to satellite images and social media feeds too.

We provide services around the following areas of Image & Video mining and analytics:
Home & Office Security solutions, Scene & Action recognition, Crowd monitoring, Queue Management, Text recognition, etc.

Our solutions are based on the state of the art deep learning techniques which are proving to be providing greater accuracy than any other machine learning algorithms that have been applied so far for problems like Computer vision, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

We have a proprietary data ingestion engine that can process terabytes of Image or Video data at a phenomenal rate. For most of our clients, we have been able to crunch data up to 5 times faster than any of their existing data engines, giving them a tremendous advantage in extracting analytics in a short period of time. This engine has elastic scaling-out capability built into it, so it can handle large volumes of data quickly and on demand. We use both open source and commercial OCR and Image Recognition tools for pre-processing the data and augumeting it for better machine learning accuracy.


Our data scientists and full stack developers are experienced in extracting meaningful analytics from image & video data sources.They are deep learning experts at pulling out analytics that can make an impact on your business by giving you actionable intelligence.


Not ready with your precise need? Try our free proof of concept that demonstrate what kind of insights we will be able to pull out of your images & videos. You can commit to buy if you like what you see.


Our data analytics platform gives you a head start in your image&video analysis. So you spend more time on what analysis you need and less on the nitty-gritty. Our 3 phased image & video analysis process makes data collection/storage and machine learning a breeze