WHY ForesightDataLabs?

To enable an Organization’s vision of ‘Data driven decision making’ and evangelize the usage of enterprise information assets for operational excellence, customer insights and competitive intelligence by providing cutting edge analytical solutions using vast, complex, ‘Poly’ data structures


Data Visualization


Process+Analyse+Visualize+Tell a Story


‘Let my dataset change your mindset’ - Hans Rosling.
We live in a world of numbers, constantly buried under a deluge of data. Decision makers often find it tough to digest this’ information gluttony’ and often end up making poor decisions. While humans have an uncanny ability to understand things visually and detect patterns, most data is communicated through static reports, spreadsheets and disconnected charts and graphs. We need simple and effective Data Visualization solutions help digest information easily, enable us make informed decisions and tell effective data stories.

We provide services around the following areas: Animated Data Videos, Interactive Dashboards, Scorecards & Infographics, Command Center Visualizations, Mobile, Web & Large screen Data Visualizations.

Our experts have multiple years of experience in tools like Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, Power BI and other open source tools like Bokeh, Seaborn, D3.js, R-Shiny, Visual.ly, etc. We have a state of the art Data integration and Cleansing routines that is available for use on day one of implementation. These routines & libraries gives you instant access to exploratory data analysis capabilities which is the first and most time consuming before data can be visualized.

We have connectors for commonly connected mediums of data extraction. This means connecting with databases & servers for strucutred and unstructured data with ease. So, instead of worrying about how to connect to different sources, you can concentrate on how to organize the script for your data story.


Our data analysts, UI/UX designers and Data Visualization experts are design thinkers and are experienced in integrating data from different sources. They understand the different types of visual representations that can be uniquely effective when applied over various types of data.


We beleive in simplicity when it comes to Data visualization and that includes our pricing model too. We charge you based on usage of our Dashboards.We also have our own cloud based infrastucture to guarantee lowest TCO and you will be able to see your first dashboard within 4 days of our relationship with you.


We bring our tools, platform, expertise, processes and we’ll look at the problem together with our clients. Then we look at how to simplify and finally, how it is to be visualised and presented as a story. We’ll assist you in communicating the story of your data because we believe analytics is both art and science.